Six Reasons to Come to the Music Faire Launch Party Dance Party

This Friday, we’re having a party! Join us as we officially launch The Music Faire at the Five O’Clock Lounge! Here are six great reasons why you should come…


1.) There will be good music to dance to that you don’t hear many other places on a Friday night.

My post got 9 whole points. It's a Wednesday Dance Party on Monday! - Imgur

And it’s Friday the 13th! Avoid your black cats and ladders at home and get thee to the Five O’Clock Lounge for a dance party! Where else can you hear Beastie Boys, Bloc Party, and Beyonce in the same night?

2.) Collaboration is a reason to celebrate.

That hug! - Imgur

DJ Goodwin + East West Collective = one big happy family. We’re happy and you should be also. Dance with us. It will actually make you smarter, too. (Don’t like dancing? That’s OK, we won’t judge.)

3.) Speaking of collaboration and celebration, giveaways from local culinary and cultural businesses!

This was the response when someone told me I had a 1 in 175,223,510 chance to win the Powerball lottery - Imgur

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we are giving away some lovely prizes by the ever-awesome Aster & Olive Photography, Brewnuts, Cleveland Cinemas, The Cleveland Flea, Grog Shop, Le Beau, Melt Bar & Grilled, Recycled Wedding Boutique, Spice Kitchen & Catering, Suzuran Photography and more. And YES, YOU CAN be a winner.

4.) It will be a great opportunity to see four fun DJs for the price of none.


We hardly ever get to play public gigs, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy an awesome dance party by four Cleveland DJs for free! Also, if you are planning a wedding or a special event, this is your chance to see and hear us in action. And see your friends of course, too. Actually, you know, you don’t see them enough. It’s time to stop feeling bad and start doing something about that…

5.) Surprise “guest” appearances!

Ever surprise a cat while they were yawning This is the look you get. - Imgur

We’ll give you one clue: wait no, no we won’t. (Actually, we already did…)

6.) And finally…. WINTER IS COMING. 


Seriously. Get out of the house while you can.

> For details on the Music Faire’s Launch Party Dance Party this Friday, November 13, check out our Facebook event invitation (and RSVP, because if you just read this, you are now officially invited)! 

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