Q&A with the DJ: Get to Know DJ Reena Goodwin


Get to know the Music Faire DJs here on the blog! Meet Reena Goodwin.

Reena Goodwin

Cincinnati, Ohio

Day job
Marketing, communications, digital media

How did you get into DJing?
One of my good friends taught me how to DJ about six years ago so I could lead his monthly Columbus rock and roll dance party that I used to frequent a lot in college, called the Clampdown, here in Cleveland. For about a year or so, I DJed the Clampdown the first Saturdays at Touch SupperClub, but then took a year off to plan a wedding. And since our own wedding, that’s primarily the type of gig we’ve been playing as DJ Goodwin. Bringing music we love to people in love. We never set out to do it, it just happened!

Favorite DJ moment so far?

I’m going to agree with Jody on this one – Rob & Dan’s wedding on June 26, 2015. We met the couple the year before and booked their wedding about 10 months in advance. No one could have predicted that the Supreme Court ruling would have been on the same day as their wedding. They were the first in Cuyahoga County to get their marriage license, and that evening at the Ariel International Center, they were married as planned – but legally – in front of their closest family and friends. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and there was never a moment the dance floor wasn’t packed. It was truly amazing and a moment we were so proud to be part of. And like with that couple, I feel really lucky that we’ve befriended a lot of our client couples  – and DJs! Like with founding the Music Faire. I think that right there has been my favorite thing about DJing. Music really does bring people together.

Favorite place to play?
There are so many great places in Cleveland we’ve played, it’s hard to choose. But I love 78th Street Studios. It’s so unique, and the galleries are a beautiful backdrop. Plus, they are just so great to work with. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a favorite, too.

Band or type of music you love the most?
Definitely rock and roll, electropop, Britpop, new wave, etc.

Band or type of music you’re embarrassed to say you love?
I’m not really embarrassed about any music I like. But I guess I get teased the most about loving 90s alternative music, like Bush. And Stone Temple Pilots. And Garbage. I love them all. But yeah, I probably wouldn’t rock out to them with the car windows down. Unless it was 1997, but I couldn’t drive then anyways.

Most important piece of advice you would give to people looking for a DJ?
If you’re really into the music you like, try to find a DJ that is, too. Compatibility is so important, because if you’re compatible, you’re going to be able to trust your DJ more. Especially when it comes to a wedding, you have enough to stress about. Don’t let an incompatible DJ be one of them. We always meet or talk with potential clients about music – bands, genres, songs – before moving forward with a booking to make sure that we’re a match for them.

What is one surprising fact about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
I once worked for Celine Dion (and a lot of other artists I’d never listen to when I worked for a record label. It was fun, though!).

Reena’s  Top 10 Songs to Shake Your Booty to:

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