Q&A with the DJ: Jody Goodwin


Get to know the Music Faire DJs here on the blog! Up next, meet Jody Goodwin.

Jody Goodwin

Wickett, Texas (home of the raging Ewoks)

Day job
Database developer

How did you get into DJing?
I was married into the industry.

Favorite DJ moment so far?
Rob & Dan’s wedding on June 26th, 2015. We had already booked their wedding months in advance, but in a stroke of beautiful serendipity the Supreme Court handed down the ruling giving same-sex couples the same right to be married as everyone else on the same day as their wedding day. The atmosphere that night was incredible.

Favorite place to play?
78th Street Studios

Band or type of music you love the most?
Favorite type of music is indie rock, and my favorite band would have to be Belle & Sebastian.

Band or type of music you’re embarrassed to say you love?
Theme music

Most important piece of advice you would give to people looking for a DJ?
Have an opinion on what you want to hear. Clairvoyance in a DJ is not something you want to leave this important occasion up to.

What is one surprising fact about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
I didn’t totally hate the prequels.

Jody’s Top 10 Songs He’s Listening to Right Now:

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