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Chris Wright


Day job
I am the owner/operator of a residential interior painting company.

How did you get into DJing?
A friend of mine gave me a resident spot at the Robin Hood in Kent back in 2005. I played mostly indie dance rock until I started doing the mug night gig at B-side Lounge. I held that resident spot for about seven years starting with it being an 80s night and eventually transitioning into indie-80s-90s throwback party jams until now, naturally, weddings.

Favorite DJ moment so far?
My favorite DJ moment would have to be the time a client and I timed the ceremony song “Today” by The Smashing Pumpkins so the intro lined up perfectly with the moment the bride and groom kissed after being announced bride and groom and the moment the song kicks in. It was like a movie or something. Spine tingling.

Favorite place to play?
My favorite place to play weddings so far has been the Hillbrook. It’s a beautiful and very photogenic spot with a very helpful staff and it’s easy to adapt to the surroundings as far as DJ set up is concerned.

Band or type of music you love the most?
I do love me some good punk music generally speaking even though it rarely fits most wedding scenarios.

Band or type of music you’re embarrassed to say you love?
Being in punk bands and yet having DJ’d for as long as I have it’s hard not to find yourself actually enjoying some radio pop music. That being said Bruno Mars is the best live show I’ve ever seen. I went from appreciating a good song here and there to respecting him as an unbelievable performer and genuine human being.

Most important piece of advice you would give to people looking for a DJ?
Don’t be afraid to trust your DJ to fill in the blanks when you’re turning in your music playlist. You might think you’re doing them a favor or assuring yourself a successful wedding because you think you know the best songs ever. However, a good DJ is a great observer and can put aside his own personal tastes to play what they know works well and they usually can read a crowd pretty well. So, just trust them.

What is one surprising fact about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
My dad is Ohio’s #1 ELVIS impersonator, so growing up around rock and roll has also helped shape a lot of my musical tastes and knowledge.

Chris’ Top 10 Songs to Shake Your Booty to:

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