Q&A with the DJ: Ryan Kelly


Get to know the Music Faire DJs here on the blog! Up first, meet Ryan Kelly.

Ryan Kelly


Day job
Property Manager/Dad/Drummer

How did you get into DJing?
I got into DJing, because I was a terrible dancer, but loved making the party go!

Favorite DJ moment so far?
I get a kick out of seeing people react happily to obscure music I’ll play during cocktail hours and dinner.

Favorite place to play?
Anywhere really, I don’t have any preference.

Band or type of music you love the most?
Everything. Literally.  80s Yacht rock to Metal to Hip hop to Classical Pieces to Punk Rock to Pop.

Band or type of music you’re embarrassed to say you love?
Sugar Ray. Love them, and most people hate them! Don’t care.

Most important piece of advice you would give to people looking for a DJ?
Keep it simple. Most good DJs aren’t the flashy ones.

What is one surprising fact about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
I have most of my favorite music tattooed on my leg.

Ryan’s Top 10 Songs to Shake Your Booty to:


Have a question for Ryan? Leave it in the comments below, and come see him and the rest of the Music Faire DJ at the Launch Party Dance Party on Friday the 13th of November at the Five O’Clock Lounge! >Details

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